Kos Vir Skole NPC (KVS) was found in 1999, after several enquiries to local schools confirmed that many children came to school
hungry. They often did not hav something to eat the previous night. This means that they often have one meal a day while at
school, supplied by KVS.

The reason for this situation is the sociol economic circumstances of the family.

KVS started as a micro intervention with three (3) identified children at a local school.

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Johan M. Pretorius

Project manager by profession, Johan found KVS in 1999, and has played a leading role in the strategy, planning, development and growth of the company.
He has a background in Theology, Psychology and Project Management.
He serves as Company CEO and chairman of the board.

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Petrus M. le Roux

Piet, who joined KVS in 2011, have a history and vast experience of working with children on schools level, as well as a degree in Psychology. With his expertise as a seasoned business man, he brings valuable insight to the company.

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James A. McClune

James McClune, a school manager with many years of executive experience in school and staff management joined KVS in 2010. As part of the strategy to enlarge the donor base as well as intervention throughout the Western Cape, James is a valuable asset to the company.

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Eloïse Pretorius

As company director, who joined KVS in 1999, Eloϊse have a deep understanding and insight as to the needs of the deprived child and thus a clear understanding of the operational input needed in order to meet the specific needs of a child. She forms a network with well established experts in the line of child care, and is a valuable member of the team.

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Kobus A. Pretorius

Kobus, a journalism graduate, joined KVS on a formal basis in 2011. He is employed by TeamTalk Media as Head of Rugby. As a videographer he is also responsible for our digital and social media platform. Due to his insight, understanding and diligence he brings a great deal to the table, and have on an informal manner contributed greatly to the KVS in earlier years.

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Jenny E. van Wyk

Company director, Jenny van Wyk, an education specialist joined KVS in 2010. As we very often and regularly work with deprived children showing physical and mental effects of such deprivation, Jenny brings yet another level of expertise to the board.