KVS started as a micro intervention with three (3) identified children at a local school. KVS is NOT a feeding scheme and is NOT a soup kitchen. We work with identified children within a school. The food allocated to a school is for the children in the program only. With a soup kitchen and feeding scheme a queue is formed and whoever is in the queue receives something to eat. We care for 3500 identified deprived children.

Micro schools are identified as a school with a maximum of 10 leaners in that specific school, who is identified and referred to KVS for intervention. These learners:

  • Receive a food parcel consisting of sandwiches, fruit, juice, yogurt and sweets on a daily basis, every school day of the year
  • The intervention entails the help of full time volunteers operating as part of a food team, for a specific school.
  • The teams are drafted on a quarterly basis and each team member receive his/her draft.
  • The food teams are managed by one of the BOD

Macro schools reflect a school where the school has more than 10 identified needy learners in that school. The intervention for such schools function on an alternative level:

  • Because of the large number of learners in these schools, it is not possible for individual food teams to intervene.
  • The quantity of bread, cereal, fruit, vegetables, etc., needed for the number of learners in such a school is determined, and the food is delivered to the school on a daily basis.
  • The school board manage a committee to manage the intervention on a macro level, and a food team is constituted.
  • The teams operate on a daily basis, every school day of the year.